Mission Statement

As we go forward as a more unified Corporation of diverse services, we have also developed Mission Statements for each of our main operating entities:

Forward Air, CST and TQI. You will notice that the statements are identical for each organization, with the exception being that each organization’s mission is focused on a specific segment of the transportation and logistics marketplace.


“To deliver safe, time-definite,damage-free transportation
solutions to the expedited industry.”


“To deliver safe, time-definite, damage-free transportation
solutions to the intermodal industry.”


“To deliver safe, time-definite, damage-free transportation
solutions to the healthcare industry.”


“Delivering excellence begins with safety.”


“North America’s most complete road feeder network.”


Our 25th Anniversary marks the start of a new and more unified Corporation that’s ready to face the marketplace with a refreshed identity and ideology. Our evolution over the past 25 years has prepared us for the next 25 years ahead.


Core Values

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics serves as a compass as we live out our Team First Values in the workplace. Through the Code, we explicitly affirm our commitment to conducting business with integrity and honesty, and doing the right thing in every situation. This commitment is part of the Forward Air DNA, and it infuses each and every one of our Team First Values, ensuring that we conduct our business and achieve success in a manner that inspires trust from our customers and makes each of us proud to be a member of the Forward Air team.

Our Team First Values are:


  • Every team member matters.
  • We must always operate safely.
  • We believe in disciplined execution.
  • We make every customer interaction a priority.
  • We believe in personal commitment.
  • We take ownership thru individual initiative.
  • We always seek to innovate.
  • We believe in always moving Forward.


The Forward Air Core Purpose:

“At Forward Air Corporation we exist to deliver superior supply chain services and custom solutions that
help our customers move their business Forward.”


Our continued focus on forever pursuing our Core Purpose is expressed to the marketplace through our Brand Promise Statement:

“Helping to move your business forward.”

As a public company we report our earnings each quarter. While the pressure of quarterly earnings can sometimes drive a company to be short-sighted in handling their business activities, our focus at Forward Air Corporation is long-term sustainable growth. Our brand promise is a long-term commitment to our teammates and our customers, not a one quarter objective for Wall Street. Since it is long-term in nature, it is flexible enough to accommodate future changes in the marketplace. Everyone at Forward Air is 100% committed to this unified vision!